Doepfer - A-155V: Analog/Trigger Sequencer

Doepfer - A-155V: Analog/Trigger Sequencer

  • $431.00

Manufacturer Description:

Vintage edition with a black faceplate and custom knobs.

Analog sequencer for CVs and trigger/gates. Two CV rows, each with selectable voltage range, glide and sample & hold optons. Three trigger rows and a one gate row. Logic inputs for clock, reset, start and stop. It's even possible to insert external signals per step instead, overriding the CV generated by the 2nd row's potentiometer.


The A-155's functions can be expanded a lot by the A-154 Sequencer Controller, as it's an entire control unit with step number limitation, voltage controllable clock generator, variable gate lenght and a number of playback modes.


control inputs: start, stop, clock, reset
3x trigger output, 1x gate output
per CV row: pre output, post output, S&H control input, glide control input
eight external CV/audio inputs for the 2nd sequencer row

3U Euroack Module, 50HP wide, 40mm deep
current draw: 100mA