Analogue Systems - RS-650N

Analogue Systems - RS-650N

  • $335.00

The RS-650 Echo / Reverb is a combination of the RS-310 and RS-440 which are based on the same circuit.

It offers both delay (echo) and reverb settings in one module. It is based on a bucket brigade device (BBD) with six parallel delay taps. Those six delay times have no relationship to each other and their outputs have different levels. You have to consider the reverb effect as a mixture of six different short delays what results in a dense sound. The clock frequency which scans the bucket brigade is audible and you´ll have to use a low pass filter in order to eliminate or minimize it. In Reverb mode the delay time can be set between 2.5ms and 150ms and in Echo mode it spans from 75ms to 200ms.

All modules by Analogue Systems come ready to use with five years warranty mounted in the by the customer preferred rack or cabinet.

Depth: 65mm

HP : 12