Corsynth - C110: 2044 VCF

Corsynth - C110: 2044 VCF

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Manufacturer Description:

The C110 2044 VCF is a four pole low pass filter based inthe classical filter SSM2044. This filter chip is responsible forthe sound of some well known polysynths from the 80s like theKorg Mono / Poly , Korg Polysix , Korg Trident, PPG Wave 2.2and 2.3 ,EMU Emulator I, Kawai K3, Sx-240 , Siel Opera 6 ....The C110 is designed using the new reissued SSI2144 IC. It isan updated version of the original SSM2044 with lower noise,better control feedthrough but preserving all the soniccharacteristics of the original design.

Like many filters the SSM2044 suffer from gain loss when theresonance is increased , the C110 includes an especiallydesigned circuit co correct that. This circuit can be activated ordeactivated on the front panel allowing the user to selectbetween the traditional response and the gain compensatedresponse.

The C110 has temperature compensated voltage control and itwill oscillate at high resonances. It can be used as an oscillatorover 3-4 octaves.

The C110 main characteristics are :
- Four pole response ( 24db/octave )
- Gain compensation circuit
- Three modulation inputs one with an attenuverter
- Voltage controlled resonance
- Temperature compensated
- One audio input

The FM2 input has a 0,66 V/Octave response expanding themodulation range to 7,5 octaves using the typical 5V envelope.