Corsynth - C101B: OTA Lowpass Filter

Corsynth - C101B: OTA Lowpass Filter

  • $260.00

Manufacturer Description:

The C101B OTA Lowpass filter is a low pass filter based on four cascade OTA-stages. This OTA filter design can be found in many classic synthesizers like Roland Jupiter 8, Roland Juno 60, Roland System 100m, Roland SH-1, SH-7, SH-101, Roland System 700, Jen SX1000 and many more.

C101B main characteristics

Two filter outputs with 6db and 24db response

Voltage controlled resonance

Three modulation inputs ( one with an attenuverter )

One audio input

Gain compensation circuit for the 24db output.

Better bass response and no more volume drop when you turn up the resonance.

This gain compensation can be deactivated.

Filter self oscillate and can be used as VCO ( 1V/Octave )

Temperature compensated