Corsynth - C112 Assistants

Corsynth - C112 Assistants

  • $220.00

C112 Assistants is the name of what will be the next Corsynth module. This module combines several basic functions very important in a modular synth. Normally these kind of modules tend to be overlooked in comparison to VCOs , VCFs.The reality is that these modules add a lot of synthesis options to any modular system.

The C112 Assistants combines all these functions in just one space :


                        A fully featured Glide function with Linear and Logarithmic modes. 

                        It’s also possible to select when the signal is affected by the glide

                        circuit, when it goes up, down or both


                        An attenuverter that attenuates or invert and attenuates any signal.


                        Variable voltage source +/-5V.


                       An inverter that can be used with audio and CV signals.


                       Bipolar to Unipolar function. It converts any +/5V signal like VCOs,

                       LFOs in a envelope type signal (0-5V). Perfect to use LFOs or

                       VCOs with VCAs


                       White and Pink Noise. Add noise to your system without taking

                       space for other modules.


All these functions make the C112 Assistants a perfect addition to any MU format modular system.