Doepfer - Dark Link

Doepfer - Dark Link

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Manufacturer Description:

Dark Link Is A Midi/Usb-To-Cv/Gate Interface To Control Vintage Monophonic Synthesizers Via Midi Or Usb. Dark Link Is Nothing But The Usb/Midi Interface Of The Dark Energy. It Has Available 4 Analog Control Voltage Outputs (Cv1...4) And One Gate Output.

In/Outputs And Controls:
Midi Input
Learn Button
Gate Out (With Led For Gate Display And Learn Function), 0/+5V
Important Note # 1: The Gate Output Is Not Suitable For Devices That Require A Gate Voltage More Than +5V ! But The Dark Link Can Be Modified For +12V Gate Voltage. The Modification Should Not Be Carried Out By The Customer Because In This Case The Warranty Is Void (It Is Necessary To Interrupt The +5V Track And Install A Wire To +12V). We Will Publish Soon Details About The Modification In Case That Customers Want To Carry Out The Modification Despite The Warranty Loss.

Important Note # 2: The Gate Output Is Not Suitable For Devices That Require A So-Called Switched Trigger. In This Case We Recommend To Order The Additional S-Trig Cable.

Cv1: Controlled By Midi Note Messages, 1V/Octave, 0...+5V
Cv2: Controlled By Midi Pitch Bend, ~ -2.5...+2.5V Or ~ 0...+5V (Can Be Selected By An Internal Jumper)
Cv3: Controlled By Midi Velocity, 0...+5V
Cv4: Controlled By Midi Control Change Messages, Free Assignale Controller In Learn Mode
Glide Control (Portamento Function For Cv1)
Power Supply (12V Ac/Min. 400Ma)
Cv1...Cv4 And Gate Are 3.5 Mm Miniature Jack Sockets

Other Features:
Midi Channel, Reference Note And Midi Control Change Number For Cv4 Are Adjusted By Means Of A Learn Button And Led
Dark Link Is Nothing But The Interface Of Dark Energy
Metal Case, Made Of 1 Mm Steel, Black Coated With White Printing
Dimensions: About 145 Length X 35 Height X 60 Depth (All Measures Are In Mm)
Weight: About ?? Kg
These Parts Are Included (Worldwide): One Usb Cable (Type A-B), User's Guide
These Parts Are Included (Only Within Europe): Power Supply (12 Ac/Min. 400Ma) For 230V Mains Voltage With European Mains Plug, Please Ask The Doepfer Representative In Your Country If A Power Supply Is Included If You From Other Countries
Please Order Suitable Patch Cables In Addition If Required (Midi, A-100 Patch Cable In The Required Length, Adapter Cable 3.5 Mm - 6.3 Mm /1/4" Jack Plug)
Powering The Device Via Usb Is Not Possible, Because The Analog Circuits Require A Dual Voltage (+/-12V).
If You Want To Connect The Dark Link Gate Output To Devices That Use S-Trig A Special S-Trig Cable Is Available.

**Units include power supplies**