Doepfer - A-100LC1 48HP Low Cost Frame

  • $199.00

The A-100LC1 is very similar to the A-100LC3 but offers only 48 HP for installation of modules. A-100LC3 is equipped with the power supply A-100SSB.

The case is made of raw wood without laquering. The case can be varnished by the customer in any desired color e.g. by means of a spray can.

It is also available with black coating :A-100LC1V

Quantity of bus boards: 1 (short version with 8 module connectors)

Electrical specifications: mains voltage: 110 ... 240V~ (IEC connector at the rear panel, the mains cable is not included because of the many different versions for different countries) output voltages/current: +12V/380mA, -12V/380mA, +5V/100mA (the +5V current is taken from the +12V supply, i.e. the sum of the +12V current and the +5V current has to be less than 380mA)


Dimensions in mm:

  • outside: approx. 262 mm (W) x 154 mm (H) x 158 mm (D)
  • inside: 1 x 48 TE (244 mm) x 3 U

Usable depth for A-100 modules: approx. 110 / 45 mm (calculated from the inside of the front panel), in the right-hand area the installation depth is somewhat less because of the power supply unit (see illustration).

3U frame 7 connectors for modules