Doepfer - A-138p Performance Mixer Input

  • $139.00

The A-138p input module of the Performance Mixer system has four channels featuring controls for gain, aux send, panorama and output level as well as a mute switch and a peak-LED for the input signal.

A number of input modules can be cascaded to form a mixer with more inputs, growing with your needs. Modules A-138p and A-138o are used to built a simple performance mixer (instead of an external stand-alone mixer). The module A-138p is the 4-fold input module while A-138o is the output module that can be combined with one or more A-138p's, resulting in a mixer with four, eight, twelve or even more inputs. The A-138p Performance Mixer Input features four identical input channels. On top is the input socket with a peak LED, the input gain control for adapting to different signal levels is located at the bottom for practical reasons, just besides the mute switch. Beneath the input there's a potentiometer setting the aux send level. Per channel you can determine whether the aux control is pre or post. The next potentiometer sets the panorama position for the according channel and below we can find a bigger potentiometer responsible for the channel's output level which is then sent to the output module.

Power consumption: 0mA

Depth: 40mm

HP : 16