Doepfer - A-183-9 Quad USB Power Supply

  • $60.00

Manufacturer Description

Module A-183-9 is a simple power supply for up to four devices which can be powered or charged via USB (e.g. keyboards, smartphones).
The module has no USB function but provides only the +5V supply for USB devices.
A control LED shows if the +5V voltage is present.

Note: The module requires an A-100 case with built in power supply A-100PSU3 ! Only this A-100 supply has the required +5V available. We do not recommend the usage of an older A-100 case with A-100PSU2 as this would require the +5V adapter A-100AD5 and the max. current would be limited to 100mA. To find out if your A-100 case is equipped with the A-100PSU3 please refer to the FAQ page. In particular module A-183-9 cannot be installed into the cases A-100LC1, A-100LC3 or A-100MC betrieben because these cases do not have +5V available (A-100LC3) or the current at +5V is very limited (only 50mA for A-100MC or A-100LC1)