Doepfer A-184-1

Doepfer A-184-1

  • $120.00

The small module combines three functions already available in Doepfer's dual modules: ring modulation, sample & hold and slew limiting.

It is recommended for compact systems where space is an issue or for users who don't need two ring modulators or two slew limiter for instance but a small and multi-functional utility instead.

The upper section consists of a half of a A-114 ring modulator and has inputs for the signals X and Y. The X*Y output emits the multiplied / ring modulated signal. The bottom section is a sample & hold followed by a slew limiter. It has an input for the sample signal and a trigger input. A switch select mode of operation as the module can work as a sample & hold or as a track & hold. When in T&H mode no trigger is applied this section can be used as an individual slew limiter.

HP : 4