Doepfer - FP5 foot controller

Doepfer - FP5 foot controller

  • $99.00

FP5 foot controller

  • about 1m cable length
  • Stereo jack plug 1/4"
  • potentiometer 10k linear (suitable e.g. for LMK4+/2+ or A-177)

- dimensions: overall: 25 x 12 x 11 cm (down position) resp. 25 x 12 x 15 cm (up position)

- angle of rotation: 20 degrees

Pin out of the stereo jack plug: left (ccw) terminal of the potentiometer = GND terminal of the jack plug middle terminal (wiper) of the potentiometers = ring of the jack plug right (cw) terminal of the potentiometer = tip of the jack plug

Pay attention that not the full rotating angle of the potentiometer is covered but only about 50%. If the end terminals of the potentiometer are e.g. connected to GND and +5V only a voltage range 0...+2.5V is covered ! Of course the foot control inputs of our keyboards take this special behaviour into consideration but e.g. for DIY/OEM applications one has to pay attention to the limited rotating angle.