Doepfer - MTC64 Midi-to-contact

  • $20.00

MTC64 is an universal MIDI interface that converts up to 64 succeeding MIDI note on/off or program change messages into 64 TTL voltages (0/+5V).

The TTL outputs of the MTC64 can be used to control different switching functions. With suitable drivers (e.g. switching transistors) relays, lamps, motors, electromagnets, magnetic valves and so on can be controlled. A suitable driver board with 16 outputs (max. load 40V/500mA for each output) is available as option. Four of these boards are required to drive all 64 outputs of the MTC64.

MTC64 has two different modes: note or program change mode.

- In the note mode incoming MIDI note on/off messages control the 64 TTL outputs provided that the MIDI channel and note range correspond to the settings of the MTC64. A note on message will set the corresponding TTL output to a high level (+5V), the note off message will reset the output to a low level (0V). With an additional jumper this bevaviour can be set to the other way round (note on = low, note off = high) if reversed outputs are required. In the program change only one of the 64 outputs is activated. The number of the activated output is identical to the program change number received at the MIDI input. The note offset (i.e. the MIDI note number assigned to the first output) can be set to 0 or 36 with another jumper. With two more jumpers one can transpose up/down one octave, i.e. +12/-12 semitones. Thus the note offsets 0, 12, 24, 36 and 48 are obtainable. If another note offset is required the unused outputs remain unconnected.

- In the program change mode the offset can be set to 1 or 64, i.e. setting the program number range to 1-64 or 65-128 (0-63 or 64-127 in MIDI code). With two daisy-chained MTC64 the whole program number range 1-128 is covered. Alternatively a range switch can be used instead of the range jumper.

The MIDI channel for all messages processed by the MTC64 is set with the last 4 jumpers.

The 64 TTL outputs are available as four double row pin headers with 16 pins each. 16 pin socket-connectors with flat cable can be connected to these pin headers (not included with the MTC64). Additionally there are some GND pins available (as solder pins and as additional pin header with 10 pins) as a GND reference level is required for the devices controlled by the MTC64 outputs.

MTC64 is equipped with MIDI In and Thru. The incoming MIDI messages are passed to MIDI Thru. In this way several MTC64 can be linked together.

MTC64 is available as an assembled and tested pc board only. The pc board measures are about 105 mm (length) x 70 mm (width) x 30 mm (height). Several mounting holes with 3 mm diameter are available for mounting the pc board to a suitable base e.g. with distance sleeves or spacers and screws. We do not offer a suitable housing as the MTC64 is normally installed into the housing of the device to be controlled by MTC64.

An external power supply (7-12VDC@min. 250mA) is used. This is not included.

A connector set suitable for MTC64 is available at extra charges. This includes four 16 pin flat cables with 16 pin socket connectors at one end and one 10 pin flat cable with 10 pin socket connector at one end. The length for all cables is about 50cm. Electronic basic knowledge is required to install the MTC64 boards. If you are not sure if your knowledge is sufficient please consult an expert.