• $115.00

Midi-to-Voltage Interface with 16 Analog Voltage Outputs

  • interface to convert midi control changes messages (sometimes called simply "midi controllers") to analog voltages
  • 16 analog voltage outputs 0 ... +5V (0V corresponds to midi data 0, +5V corresponds to midi data 127)
  • resolution of the voltages: 128 steps or 7 bit (based on the 7 bit midi data)
  • the voltages are available as two pin heades with 10 pins each, each pin header has available 8 voltages and GND on two pins
  • two 10-pin ribbon cables (about 30 cm) with a suitable female connector on one side are included, the other sides of the cables are left open (for free wiring of the control voltages)
  • the voltages are controlled by 16 subsequent midi control changes messages on the same midi channel
  • the midi channel is adjusted by means of four jumpers
  • the control change number of the first output can be set to 0, 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96 or 112 by means of three jumpers
  • connectors for power supply, midi in and midi out are available as sockets on the pc board MTV16 is equipped with Midi In and Midi Thru. The incoming Midi messages are forwarded to the Thru output without any changes. In this way several MTV16 can be linked together. An LED is used to indicate the Midi activity.

An external power supply (7-12VDC@min. 100mA) is used. The wall outlet power supply adapter for 230V mains voltage and European type mains plug is not included.

MTV16 is available only as an assembled and tested pc board. The pc board measures are about 78 mm (length) x 67 mm (width) x 30 mm (height). Several mounting holes with 3 mm diameter are available for mounting the pc board to a suitable base e.g. with distance sleeves or spacers and screws. We do not offer a suitable housing as this would have to be completely different for various applications. Electronic basic knowledge is required to install the MTV16 electronics and to connect the controlling elements resp. control voltages. If you are not sure if your knowledge is sufficient please consult an expert.