Doepfer - Trautonium System (Eurorack)

  • $1,150.00

Inspired by the Trautonium invented by Friedrich Trautwein in the 1930's and most well known from Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds, this miniature version of the Trautonium gives you the full vibe of what it may have felt like to play the actual instrument back then.

The focus of the entire system is the Doepfer A-104 Trautonium Formant Filter. It is made of four parallel resonance filters, each filter can be switched to low pass or band pass or off. Frequency, resonance and level are controlled for each filter separately and are summed to the final output to create formant vowel like tones.

To give you the most true experience of the original Trautonium we added the Doepfer A-198 Ribbon Controller for expressive touch control of pitch and volume. This allows for free flowing pitch adjustments commonly found in acoustic instruments, like the cello, violin and other world stringed instruments.

The Doepfer A-115 Audio Divider gives you octave down divisions from the original pitch to add a classic organ type feel to the over sound, but once filtered through the A-104 you can start to get in the cello territory like mentioned above.


Modules included in this system

- A-198 Ribbon Controller

- A-110-2 VCO

- A-115 Audio Divider

- A-180-1 Multiple

- A-145 LFO

- A-104 Trautonium Formant Filter

- A-131 Exponential VCA

- Doepfer transparent cables x12

- Tendrils Mutant Cables (2 cables)

Housed in a 4ms POD64X.

This system includes a 4ms 45W power brick.