Elby Designs - 1973 (EuroSerge 4mm Banana)

  • $3,699.00

The Elby Designs 1973 EuroSerge System is inspired by the early paperface era of Serge Modular, with a few new modules sprinkled in to add more functionality. The EuroSerge modules use 4mm banana jack plugs to give you an authentic Serge experience in the eurorack format. As some of you may know, patching with banana cables forces more possibilities in experimental routing and bleeding CV goodness, by allowing CV's to feedback into other modules where the banana cables are stacked into each other, creating an instrument that moves and breathes.

The Syntax Euro Bananas module adds more routing capabilities with the outside word and other banana or 3.5mm based gear. Being that the Euro Bananas modules is passive, meas you can rout CV or Audio in and out of the 1973 EuroSerge System with ease, making this system a plug and play well rounded instrument. Housed in the Doepfer A-100P6 case makes this system a portable suitcase that can be taken on gigs without any worries of damaging your system in transit.

The classic analog Serge sounds is very present in this system and begs for the user to experiment and create crazy textures, soundscapes, or even your classic analog sequenced based music, all routed out through balanced outputs, making the 1973 EuroSerge System a true studio piece.


1973 Serge Paperface Era Modules

- 1973 VCO x 2

- Ring Modulator

- 1973 VCF

- Envelope Generator

- VCA (Gate)

- Programmer / Sequencer

- Negative Slew

- Noise Source

New Additions

- Syntax Euro Bananas

- Universal Slope Generator

- Analog Shift Register

- Audio / CV Mixer

- Transient Generator

- Dual Stereo Panning Output Mixer


*Housed in a Doepfer A-100LC6V w/PSU3

*Ships with 25 banana cables

*This system has all 4mm banana jacks for the true Serge experience*