Elby Designs - ES06 1973 Envelope Generator (Banana Format)

  • $210.00


The ES06 is an adaptation of the original Serge Envelope Generator from the early 'R' series.

Rise and Fall times are adjustable from ~5mS to ~20S. [CV] via the reversible attenuator [DURATION]affects both rise and fall equally while retaining their temporal proportion relative to each other. The {CV] input has a reversible attenuator [DURATION].

The [START] input will initiate an envelope generator cycle. Applying a signal to the [HOLD] input will 'hold' the envelope at its current voltage.

The [CYCLE] input will put the ES06 into a GATED-LFO mode where the output will repeatedly cycle for as long as the [CYCLE] input is high. As with the [START] input applying a signal to the [HOLD] input will 'hold' the envelope at its current voltage.

The HOLD function only works when the Window Pulse Output LED is lit.

The rise and fall pots are wired to control rate, not length. As such they seem backwards for envelope generator functions, but correct for LFO functions.

The [END] output is high when the [ENVELOPE] output is at zero and goes low during an active AR cycle.

[WINDOW SIZE] is a more intricate function. This is a pulse trigger output which can be set to occur at any point in a cycle according to the position of the [WINDOW SIZE] control or by a control voltage at the [WINDOW] input. This is a very useful function in obtaining a variable time delay between different envelope generators.

This is not an ADSR style generator and can be used as a voltage controlled LFO