Elby Designs - ES33 VCFQ (Banana Format)

Elby Designs - ES33 VCFQ (Banana Format)

  • $305.00


The ES33 VCFQ is an excellent general-purpose VCF offering simultaneous low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch (band-reject) outputs.

The resonance (Q) of this filter is dynamically variable by manual or voltage control.

The VCFQ has two signal inputs. One incorporates an automatic gain control to prevent the filter from overloading at high Q settings. The second input has a level control so that the percussive effects of overloading the filter can be exploited.

When a pulse is applied to the [TRIGGER] input, the filter will ring, producing a damped waveform similar to that produced by striking a resonant object. The nature of this ringing is controlled by the Q and the filter frequency. Percussive effects ranging from clicks to the sound of wood blocks and bell tones can be produced and controlled. This ringing effect can be used in conjunction with signals applied to either of the audio inputs to achieve highly controlled complex tonal qualities.

In addition, the ES33 includes a sub-audio range. This low-frequency range allows its use as a control voltage processor. A fast envelope or trigger applied to the filter in this low range while at high Q settings will cause low-frequency ringing, generating complex envelopes and damped vibrato effects. The ES33 can be patch programmed to oscillate by patching the [BAND] output to the [AGC] input. The outputs will be in quadrature relationships (90° out of phase).