Eowave - Tempete Magnetique

  • $379.00

The Tempête Magnetique at a glance:

With Tempête Magnetique, EoWave presents a quadruple multimode filter with complex possibilities in sound shaping. Depending on the constellation, Tempête Magnetique also functions as a resonatorpercussion synth or oscillator. As the successor to Fluctuations Magnétiques, the module naturally has a few innovations to offer, yet it sounds extremely musical and invites experimentation. If you disregard all normalizations and links, the four filters work independently. A toggle switch connects the filters A+B and/or C+D to dual/stereo pairs, and you can choose between parallel and serial audio paths for each pair. A master sync switch connects all four filters together. A single Tempête Magnetique channel offers a choice of lowpass, Bandpass and highpass filter characteristics, all operating at 12dB slopes. The resonance colors neatly and extends to self-oscillation in all modes. For modulation there is a CV input with attenuator for the filter groups X and Y, this affects both filters of a group equally. A small highlight of this module is the integrated envelope follower with adjustable decay. This can modulate either one or both filters per group (X/Y) with the set intensity. As soon as you pull up the fader for the cross modulation it gets really wild, then the two filter pairs modulate each other. Depending on resonance and channel chaining, this can get really violent. The Tempête Magnetique is a guarantor for good sounding filter sounds and quickly tempts you to use more than you would have built into a simple Patch; simply because it is possible and the normalizations and link modes make this even easier.