Five12 - Q-VL

  • $379.00



Five12's QV-L is a quad LFO and EG with a gorgeous dual display that lets you control and display all four LFOs. With all the shapes you know and love, Sine, Triangle, Saws, Sharks, and Squares are accompanied by a S&H along with noise shapes. Broken into two channels that each control two LFOs, the QV-L makes it easy to organize your modulation sources. Happily, you aren't limited to LFOs alone: two envelope modes are included as well, which can be triggered via the Gate inputs. Best of all, after spending time creating your perfect set of modulation sources, you can save to one of 40 preset options that can be freely recalled. Five12 has released a humdinger with the QV-L quad LFO.


  • Quad LFO module
  • 2 LFOs divided among 2 channels
  • Sine, triangle, up and down saw, left and right shark, and square shapes
  • Morphable shapes: Sine to Tri, Saw to Tri, Saw to Square
  • Staircase shape up, down, and up-down
  • Three output Lorenz attractor chaotic waveform
  • Perlin-noise style random waveform
  • Logistic Map chaotic waveform generator
  • Storage for up to 40 preset options