Happy Nerding - 4x Mute

  • $100.00

4x mute provides four sections of clickless muting/unmuting suitable for both audio and cv. button glows green while the signal is passing and glows red while the signal is muted, so you can always see the status.

lower inputs are normalled to the upper inputs, thus the same input can be sent to different outputs.

no bleed in mute state and no distortion is added to the passing signals.

of course some abrupt change of volume is noticeable for low frequency sines and low pass filtered signals, but 4xmute does not produce that annoying click of passive switch or instant electronic gate chips.

other benefit is that 4xmute has extra good bleed free operation (around 110 db of reduction) and lowest distortion. vca of vactrol design will have noticeably more noise / bleed / distortion.