Happy Nerding - Dual xFade

  • $140.00

Dual xfade is a compact voltage controlled crossfader suitable for both audio and cvs. Smaller knobs set manual crossfade between a<>b, and bigger knobs are cv attenuverters. Leds show the adjusted positive and negative cv sides for easy monitoring.

Upper inputs (section 1) are normalled to lower inputs (section 2). Thus the same signal pair a&b can be differently crossfaded in both sections.

The switch clones section's 1 controls to the section 2, which is useful to make stereo dry/wet adjustment or stereo vca.

This module can be used as:
Two independent crossfades
Two independent vca's
Stereo crossfade or dry/wet control
Stereo vca

Four jumpers on the back can give optional 5x amplification for each a or b input. So it is easy to crossfade modular level with linear level from pedals. Installed jumpers give 1x amplification, removing jumpers gives 5x amplification.

Output 1 is mixed with output 2 if left unconnected.