Happy Nerding - MMM VCF

  • $200.00


MMM VCF stands for M°°g Multi Mode Voltage Controlled Filter and is a dual filter featuring common controls for both filters. For that reason it can be used as a stereo filter but you might as well use it in different filter type combinations as it features individual low pass, band pass and high pass outputs for each filter.



of course the MMM VCF is based on a Moog casscade but has been modified to feature band pass and high pass modes, adding to the possiblities of sound shaping. The filter was designed to have vanishingly small noise and bleed through.

The control section is pretty clearly laid out: a cutoff potentiometer for manual control between 20Hz and 22kHz, a resonance control and a polarizer for the common FM input.
The resonance can oscillate in a arange of 35Hz to 22kHz.

Per filter following filter types at individual outputs are available:

  • -24dB per octave low pass
  • -12dB per octave band pass
  • -12dB per octave high pass



per filter: audio input, low pass output, band pass output, high pass output

one common FM CV input



3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 40mm deep
power consumption: 42ma @ +12V and 40mA @ -12V