Instruo - athrú

Instruo - athrú

  • $232.00

The result of an ongoing process of evolution, starting out as a derivative of the west coast timbre circuit, the wavefolders in the Instruō system have been tweaked and adapted with each incarnation. athrú is the latest incarnation of this series of Instruō wavefolders, in a stand alone package.

Plug in any audio signal and discover what wonders wavefolders are capable of; from subtle boosts in harmonics to full on spectral devastation. CV control over depth via an exponential response VCA, summing with a scalable symmetry offset offers exceptional control over timbral and dynamic changes of the incoming signal.

athrú |‘ɑ:ɾ·u:| verb (mathematics) an act or process through which something becomes different; to change, transform, alteration, variation and mutation