Instruo - I-ō47

Instruo - I-ō47

  • $325.00


I-ō47 Multimode Resonator/Filter is a modern take on a vintage circuit design inspired by the classic 1047 module of the ARP2500. It has been designed with some extra features and quirks built in.

The internal VCA’s are a new hybrid design of matched transistors and precision op-amps.

With CV controllable centre frequency, resonance/Q and notch offset along side FM, strike and a complex dual input with wave shaping limiter, the I-ō47 is truly a filter for all occasions.

I-ō47 | ʌɪ-əʊ-ˈfɔːti-ˈsɛv(ə)n | noun (signal processing) the in’s and out’s of a classic multimode filter/resonator