Leaf Audio - Microphonic Playground

  • $99.99

Microphonic Playground

Microphonic Playground is the newest addition in our series of sound design instruments. Like its bigger sister, the Microphonic Soundbox, it's a playground for sonic exploration of any kind. It can also be your inexpensive entry into the Soundbox world before you possibly upgrade later.


The difference to the Microphonic Soundbox are two things:

1) It is passive, has no active amplification and needs no power supply.

2) It's an open playground with no audio sources or objects built into it, so you are free to attach everything to it what you can imagine, for example our add-ons.


The unit has an audio input and an output. Its audio output can be amplified by the external input of a Microphonic Soundbox and therefore act as an extension. Or it can be amplified by any pre-amplifier, mixing desk or audio interface. Multiple Playgrounds can be cascaded in series. Play it on its own, or extend your Microphonic Soundbox with one or two Playgrounds and some of the new add-ons.


You're free to use it as a platform for sonic experimentation or just convert it into a Bass Kalimba, for example, and leave it that way. Please choose your own way to play with it and let your imagination and creativity guide you.



• built in contact microphone

• passive, no power supply needed

• many mounting possibilities for add-ons through five threaded M3 strips

• universal wooden object holder on the side

• four M3 thumb screws included

• 1 audio input, 1 audio output

• multiple units can be linked

• soft rubber feet

• 162 mm x 147 mm x 60 mm (w/d/h)

• 0,244 kg