Leaf Audio - Microphonic Soundbox mk2

  • $274.99

Microphonic Soundbox mk2

Microphonic Soundbox mk2 is a versatile sound design instrument and features active battery powered low noise pre-amps. This is the flagship of the Microphonic Soundbox cosmos and features the most possibilities for sonic exploration on the basis of body sound transmission.

Standalone it's already fun, but its whole potential is unveiled when it's being processed in realtime by live-sampling, loopers and effects. Possibilities are endless and thousands of sound designers and musicians use it in their creative work process.

• two channels with internal contact microphones
• battery powered low noise pre-amps (~100x Gain)
• two outputs: mixed mono or channels separated
• channel one can act as pre-amp for external input
• multifunctional holder, based on M3 threaded strips (left side & under Kalimba)
• removable Kalimba
• Soundbox is a hub for external contact mics: use channel 1 as pre-amp on out 1 while play the actual Soundbox on out 2
• output features an attenuator
• power management switches the LED from blue to red when battery goes under 7 volt
• soft grip rubber feet for acoustic decoupling

We recommend to additionally buy the violin bow and rosin for being able to play it properly.

* It is sold without the add-ons on the pictures.