Moon Modular - M500-R1M [SPECIAL ORDER ITEM]

Moon Modular - M500-R1M [SPECIAL ORDER ITEM]

  • $399.00

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - Delivery typically takes 4-8 weeks
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The new V2 case internal power supply circuitry now delivers all voltages at the standard DotCom connector, i.e. +15 , +5 (new) and -15 volts.

Manufacturer Description:

The Moon M500 single tier case is new in the incredible line up from Moon Modular.

The case is the standard rack size of 19" wide with 17" of room for modular racking and a depth of 4 1/4". This case can hold up to 8 modules.

- 8 Moon/Cotk and 8 DotCom connectors

- 6 Moon/Cotk and 2 DotCom cables to connect the modules to the distribution board

- 500 mA +15 volts, 400 mA +5 volts, 500 mA -15 volts

An external 110-240v power supply is also included.