Maneco Labs - Grone Drone 5U

Maneco Labs - Grone Drone 5U

  • $675.00

Grone Drone 5U Moog Format Module


Blocks description

Drone VCO:Generates sound based on equations converted to analog signals , there are sixteen equationsselected by Up and Down switches. Four leds indicate equation number in binary mode. ThreePots modify numbers used by the equation, A0 , A1 and A2 , fourth pot Sample Rate controlspitch and speed of the oscillation. There’s an Output Level pot for the oscillator and adedicated jack for patching the Oscillator sound to external modules .

NOISE GENERATOR: White noise with noise level pot and noise output jack.

VCF : MS20 resonant low pass filter , with CUT frequency pot control , RESONANCE ,MODULATION 1 amount pot , input and output jacks and second cv input for cut off ,labeled MOD2

LFO: Low frequency oscillator routed to MOD1 from VCF , RATE and WAVEFORM shapepots.Waveforms are : ramp up, ramp down, square, triangle, sine , sweep, random levels, randomslopes.

CLOUDS : based on MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS eurorack module , with parasites firmware ,same controls from MI : Input gain, position, size, density, pitch, texture, blend , switchesfor blend parameter and load/save, freeze control with indicator led , same display as MIoriginal,Dedicated audio input jack (mono) stereo output and control inputs for V/OCT and TRIGGER.