Moog - Mavis

  • $349.00

Mavis is a build-it-yourself analog synthesizer kit that
delivers the huge depth of sound Moog is known for in
a compact and feature-packed instrument. Assembly is
extremely simple; users of any skill level can quickly
assemble their own analog synthesizer with minimal
tools and experience. Perfect for first time users and
established synthesists alike, Mavis’ semi-modular
design and 1-octave keyboard will get you started mak-
ing sound immediately without the need for additional
equipment (except for a speaker or headphones).

As a stand-alone instrument, Mavis is a straightforward
analog synthesizer with patchable modular utilities and
the unmistakable Moog sound and quality. Easily
remove Mavis from its case and it becomes a 24-point
CV controllable module (44HP) ready to be installed
into your Eurorack system or alongside Moog’s other
semi-modular instruments.

Mixing the familiar with the exotic, Mavis features
Moog’s legendary oscillator and filter circuits alongside
a diode wavefolder – the first analog wavefolder to
appear on a Moog instrument. Combining traditional
subtractive synthesis with additive wavefolding and
oozing with personality, Mavis’ clever presentation of
synthesis modules and utilities ensure deep creative
synergy and musical connection.

Mavis is a powerful, fun, and low-cost Moog that makes
learning synthesis or expanding an already-advanced
studio setup approachable for anyone looking to
explore classic analog sound in a new way.

Built-in keyboard with Glide and KB scaling
As a standalone instrument or as a 44HP Eurorack mod-
ule, Mavis adds an expressive 1 v/o controller to any
setup with the flexibility to dial in experimental new pitch
relationships via the KB scale knob and explore musical
intervals that go beyond the established standards.

Full Range Analog Oscillator
A Voltage Controllable Oscillator with PWM (Pulse Width
Modulation), Waveform mixing, and Mod Source mixing,
delivers rich harmonic character and motion.

Voltage Controlled Filter
Sculpt your sound with the -24-dB Moog Low Pass
Ladder Filter, delivering the sonic power behind the
distinct sounds of Moog basslines and leads.

Audio Rate LFO and 4-Stage Envelope Generator
Mavis uses crossfaders in its modulation routing instead
of switches, allowing you to blend between a variable
shape LFO and four stage envelope generators for inter-
esting and unusual modulation contours.

Wavefolding and Modular Utilities
Mavis features Moog’s first-ever wavefolding circuit,
allowing for additive synthesis to sit alongside traditional
subtractive synthesis, and features a broad modular
utilities section complete with attenuators, offsets, mults,
and a flexible DC-coupled mixer.

Patchable Sample and Hold (S+H) Circuit
Generates a random CV pattern that can be patched to
modulate other parameters, including setting Mavis into
a "random sequencing" mode of performance.

24-Point Patch Bay
Mavis is eager to play along with other voltage-
controlled devices (especially with Moog’s other semi-
modular instruments), and its useful collection of utilities
and flexible control voltage routing allow for intricate
dialogue between them.

Protective Cover
Mavis includes a fitted protective cover for use during
studio downtime or taking your instrument on the go.

Build one yourself. Get closer to the circuits at the heart
of Mavis and come away with a Moog analog synthesiz-
er that is uniquely “yours”. No soldering is required and
can be completed by any skill level in an afternoon.

This compact yet mighty synthesizer with classic Moog
circuitry, a built-in keyboard, 24 patch points, and an
all-analog sound engine—complete with Moog’s first-
ever awavefolding circuit—offers great value to any
synthesist. Moog Mavis is available today at authorized
Moog dealers worldwide

• Operate standalone or as a 44HP Eurorack module
• Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO); Mixable
• Analog –24dB Moog Low Pass Ladder Filter
• 4-Stage Analog Envelope Generator (EG)
• Diode Wavefolder
• Analog Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO); Mixable
• Pulse Width Modulation
• Modular Utilities (Attenuators, Offsets, Mults, and a
flexible DC-coupled Mixer)
• Sample and Hold
• Analog Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
• 24-Point Patch Bay (3.5mm)
• 1 Octave Keyboard with Glide and Scaling
• 3.5mm Output


Mavis Synthesizer Kit:
— Front Panel
— Bottom Enclosure
— Protective Cover
— Power Supply
— Nut Driver
— Calibration Tool
— Fastener Kit

Package of 3.5mm Cables
(6”x5 QTY)
• Assembly Instructions and
Quickstart Guide
• Patch Overlays
• Product Catalog
• Registration Card