Moog - Minimogg Model D (Pre-Order)

Moog - Minimogg Model D (Pre-Order)

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The One and Only Minimoog Model D Returns
More than a half-century since its invention, the legendary Minimoog
Model D analog synthesizer returns to production inside the Moog
factory in Asheville, North Carolina. Now available to order worldwide.

Originally released in 1970, the Minimoog Model D changed the face of modern
music and has served as the archetype for all synthesizers that followed.

The all-analog instrument gained acclaim for combining the colossal sound of the
1960s Moog modular synthesizers with the accessibility of pre-wired modules,
meaning that it could be played instantly and intuitively with no patch cables
required. A groundbreaking innovation, the Minimoog was quickly embraced by a
diverse roster of performers, such as Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer, Sun
Ra, Giorgio Moroder, Parliament Funkadelic, Pink Floyd, and Gary Numan—all
shaping unique sounds and forging new genres with the instrument.
More than a half-century since its invention, Minimoog Model D is back in production at the Moog factory in Asheville, North Carolina. An exceptional sonic
tool and one of the most beloved and iconic synthesizers ever designed, it returns
to inspire the next generation of electronic musicians.

A Timeless Recreation of the Most Important
Synthesizer in History
Built to last a lifetime, each new Minimoog Model D delivers the revered
quality, undefinable feel, and authentic sound of a pristine vintage Moog.

The coveted sound engine and audio signal path remain identical to the Model D
that Bob Moog and his team engineered in the 1970s. This latest edition of the
instrument also includes the series of popular functional modifications from the
2016 production run that expanded this storied synthesizer’s capabilities. These modifications include a dedicated analog LFO with triangle and square
waveshapes, a premium Fatar keybed with velocity and after pressure available
via top panel CV jacks with onboard trimpots, MIDI integration, improved pitch
wheel calibration, and a mixer feedback modification which allows the Minimoog
Model D to overdrive and scream with the turn of a knob.

Plus, for the first time in its history, the Minimoog Model D now features a
spring-loaded pitch wheel that returns to center upon release. This
enhancement—a popular artist request—allows for improved playability and wild
performance flourishes. This newest edition also includes updates to the MIDI
functionality, allowing for improved modern studio integration.