Moon Modular - 530 Stereo Digital Delay

Moon Modular - 530 Stereo Digital Delay

  • $499.00

The 530 Voltage Controlled Digital Delay is a high quality stereo delay with a lot of unique features. Tape, digital and ping-pong modes of delay, hold with overdub and delicate delay time and feedback control in combination with CV and trigger control over various parameters make this module not only a modular FX unit but also an instrument on its own.

·  Delay time 3–3000 ms 

·  Tap and clock synchronization of delay         

·   Time Reverse delay mode 

·   Hold mode samples up to 40 seconds of audio (hold mode)
     with overdub feature (add)

·    Trigger control over Hold, Add and reverse 

·    CV control over delay time, dry/wet mix and feedback