Moon Modular - 551: Midi To Voltage Converter

Moon Modular - 551: Midi To Voltage Converter

  • $199.00

Manufacturer Description:


The MIDI TO CONTROL VOLTAGE converts MIDI data into analog control voltages.

A MIDI note-on command gets converted into a keyboard control voltage and gate signal, the third output turns the note-on velocity into a corresponding control voltage.

Three more output jacks on the left generate voltages from pitch- and modulation wheel controllers. The jack labeled “Controller” puts out a voltage from one of 9 selectable MIDI controller sources, e. g. after touch · breath controller pedal · sustain pedal panorama · master volume.

Three toggle switches enable
(a) pitch bending to be added to keyboard cv
(b) change of note priority (highest, lowest, last note)
(c) legato mode.
The MIDI channel is selectable from 1-16.