Synthetic Sound Labs - Model 1510: Octal Linear VCA

Synthetic Sound Labs - Model 1510: Octal Linear VCA

  • $325.00

Manufacturer Description:

Does the phrase "You Can Never Have Enough VCAs" strike a chord? Are you always looking for just one more VCA to control a vibrato LFO depth, or the dynamic FM amount into your VCO, or an envelope controlled signal level?

Well my friends, you've come to the right place, because now we can feed your "habit" - times 8 !!! Now you can overdose your VCA "jones" without fear of harm or police intervention. BUT BEWARE - It may be habit forming and have side effects such as strong desires for new module purchases, or an increased need to buy patch cords.

The 1510 Octal VCA is a single width MU module PACKED with eight (count 'em) quality linear VCAs (voltage controlled amplifiers). Each VCA is completely independent, DC coupled and factory balance trimmed, so you can use it to control DC thru Low Frequency thru Audio and beyond, with equal grace and precision.

Just think about the space savings in your cabinet. Make room for even more modules! It's the perfect "gateway" module!

The 1510 won't satisfy every synth junkie with knobs and switches, but for an uncomplicated, compact "fix" of more VCAs, its available today. Street price varies - I wish we could say that the "first one's free"! :-) But you'll be hooked, and we can virtually guarantee no withdrawl symptoms!

Be sure to consider the huge cabinet size savings and utility of this module, and note that we have desperately tried to keep the cost of this module as LOW as possible!

- (none)
Inputs / Outputs
- Signal In (X 8) - DC Coupled - 10V P-P nominal
- CV In (X 8) - 0-5V
- Signal Out (X 8) - DC Coupled - 10V P-P nominal
- Rear CV Interface Port for future expansion.
Frequency Range
DC thru Audio
+15V at ?ma, -15V at ?ma
6 Pin standard connector - ready to plug and play
Width - 1 MU
Depth - 2" behind panel
Skiff ready