STG MuSonics - Mankato Filter

  • $395.00

The Mankato Filter is a four-pole lowpass filter with positive and
negative outputs at every pole, giving you slopes of 6 dB/oct, 12
dB/oct, 18 dB/oct, and 24 dB/oct simultaneously. the negative slope
outputs allow you to use the Mankato as a quadrature sine oscillator
with 8 available phases. the Mankato will self-resonate from subaudio to
superaudio, and responds to one volt per octave through its
unattenuated control inputs. the signal inputs are DC coupled, which
allows you to use the Mankato as a voltage-controlled slew limiter.

This module has a physical depth of less than 3 inches.

*A NOTE on Module finish: All STG Soundlabs MU/5U modules are anodized
to look "vintage, original Moog modular". This process does make STG
Soundlabs front panels impervious to rusting, and the graphics will
never flake off. However, the black anodization is susceptible to
inconsistencies and what some may refer to as aesthetic imperfections.
The faceplates are not shiny, and are vintage looking. Please understand
this before ordering.