Synamodec - Dementor

  • $445.00


The Dementor is a unique filter focused to spice up your sound. This device includes a filter (LFO controlled), an experimental/strange eq called Nuances (not a usual eq!) and one echo/delay (LFO controlled). The standard model works in the usual +-5V range, but can be adapted to line or guitar level by demand.


  • Two independent signal inputs with level control
  • LP filter with cut-off and resonance control
  • 3 LFOs for cut-off, resonance and time modulation
  • Six-band eq / filter with level control and feedback
  • Switchable direct filter / nuances output or processed by Eco / delay
  • Eco / delay processor with input level control & effect level control
  • Delay time and number of repetitions
  • 28v dc power supply (included)