Tangible Waves - 4ATTMIX

Tangible Waves - 4ATTMIX

  • $34.00

This module offers four separate attenuators to reduce signal strengths and also comes with a mix output.

Module power consumption: 2 mA


  • IN 1-4 - signal inputs for each attenuator


  • OUT 1-4 - individual attenuator outputs
  • MIX - mixer outputs
  • 2x +5V - static 5V outputs
  • Bus Ctrl - CC20 CV from Master I/O module
  • Bus Gate - gate signal from the Master I/O MIDI to CV converter


  • LEVEL 1-4 potentiometers - reduce the strength of the incoming signals 1-4
  • MIX switches - remove the input signals from the mix output
  • DC AUDIO switch - switches the module between DC-coupled (0-5V) and AC-coupled (signal centered around 2.5V, sometimes useful for audio signals) operation

Patch Suggestions

- You can create a static control voltage by patching a +5V output into a signal input and then attenuate it to suit your needs. This is useful when another module offers a CV input which you would like to control with a knob and not a variable CV source (like an LFO or envelope).

- The individual attenuator outputs and the mix output work at the same time, so you can have a mix of different control voltages as well as their individually attenuated signals for further use or processing by other modules.