Tangible Waves - Cirrus

Tangible Waves - Cirrus

  • $173.00

CIRRUS is a real-time granular processor for audio signals. This module is an adaption of Mutable Instruments' Clouds module, a well known module in the Eurorack world.

This module uses the extended firmware of the Eurorack Supercell module; meaning it offers four additional algorithms on top of the four original ones.

Pitch Tracking Modes

The CIRRUS was sold with the original Superparasites firmware installed which was programmed for Eurorack hardware. There seemed to be some issue with pitch tracking with this version in conjunction with the AE Modular hardware and the adaption of the module/Firmware for this format. This lead to random pitch modulation of the grains which some people found undesirable.

Through extensive research and testing Mathias (aka @visuellemusik) has found the source of this behaviour and created 3 additional modes where this behaviour can be either switched off or controlled in creative ways. This new firmware also eliminates the need for calibration as described in the documentation for the original Superparasites firmware.

The new firmware is available as an audio file and can be easily uploaded to the CIRRUS via the audio IN port on the CIRRUS module.

Saving audio and presets

You can save up to 4 presets using the BANK button. These presets will persist even after the module has been powered down. The length of the saved audio depends on the current position of the TIME parameter (see below).

  • To save the current audio buffer, press BANK for one second to begin the save process.
  • Save into the current bank by pressing BANK again for one second.
  • You can select a different bank to save into by tapping BANK briefly before saving.
  • The save process will exit after saving is complete.
  • The save process will be cancelled if nothing is saved within five seconds.
  • The LED of the last-selected bank will blink ten times before saving is cancelled.

To load a saved preset:

  • Tap the BANK switch to step through the four memory banks. Note that a brand new module (or a module that has just received a firmware upgrade) will have four empty banks.
  • To reload the current preset bank without cycling through the other three banks first, press BANK while pressing TRIG at the same time.

Selecting the Audio quality

Pressing the TIME button quickly lets you cycle through the following modes for the length of the recorded samples. A longer sample time leads to reduced quality:

  1. 32khz, 16bit, stereo, 1 second (of audio buffer)
  2. 32khz, 16bit, mono, 2 seconds
  3. 16khz, 8bit µ-law, stereo, 4 seconds
  4. 16khz, 8bit µ-law, mono, 8 seconds

Note that Clouds’ 8-bit is a lovely flavour of 8-bit: µ-law compounding. It sounds like a Cassette, or a Fairlight - less hiss, more distortion.


The post-processing reverb COMES after dry/wet MIX, so that it also affects the dry signal (so you can use Clouds as a simple reverb plus its main function)