Tangible Waves - CIRRUS CLASSIC

Tangible Waves - CIRRUS CLASSIC

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Tangible Waves


CIRRUS is a real-time granular processor for audio signals. This module is a 100% adaption of Mutable Instruments' Clouds module, a well known module in the Eurorack world.

The incoming audio signal is divided into separate short particles of selectable size, pitch and shape; these so called "grains" are then recombined in real-time in various assignments and by different algorithms, resulting in interesting, moving textures. This is even more intensified by allpass filters and a reverb, so even a short input pulse results in a huge wash of sound.

The audio processing works on up to 32kHz sampling rate in stereo and 16bit resolution for input and output (and can be reduced to 16kHz, 8bit mono for an increased sampling time of 8 seconds). Even with a mono input signal, a wide stereo output is simulated by randomly panning grains and the reverb.

A freeze button freezes the audio buffer and the sonic qualities can still be explored with the parameters in real-time..

All parameters can be CV controlled, of course.