Tangible Waves - Drum System

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We designed this system to have a small and compact heavy hitting drum machine with extremely versatility. With this system being 100% modular means that you can patch the system in 100's of different ways to create endless possibilities.

This system has 7 drum voices and one drone voice that can be made into percussion sounds or played melodically. With the 4 track 16 step trigger sequencer and 6 channel mute module, this system can be a live performance drum machine with full hands on control. Midi implementation allows this system to blend into any studio work flow while still remaining a self-contained standalone system that can perform with your existing modular setup.

Built in effects add the cherry on top at the end of the signal chain, or can be patched in many ways being that this is a fully modular system. Effects can even be used as a percussion element within themselves to create a more ambient textured drum tone.

*This is a plug and play system right out of the box, but can be expanded on by pairing with another 16x1 Tangible Waves case. 


Modules included in this system

- 2LFO

- TRIQ164




- MIXER 4-4



- 2VCA

- 2ENV



- 16x1 Walnut Case

Included Cables

10cm PATCHWIRE x 1

17cm PATCHWIRE x 1

25cm PATCHWIRE x 1

40cm PATCHWIRE x 1

55cm PATCHWIRE x 1


*9VDC power supply included*