Tangible Waves - HEARTBEAT

  • $46.00


  • Power consumption: 14 mA
  • Module width: 1U


  • CLK - Used to input an external clock source, (e.g. midi from BUS CLK) if needed.
  • Reset - ?
  • CV1 - Assignable input for a control voltage.
  • CV2 - Assignable input for a control voltage.
  • Trig 1 - Assignable input for a trigger pulse.
  • Trig 2 - Assignable input for a trigger pulse.

The assignable inputs are set by their page in the menu.


  • BUS GATE - this output gives a +5V signal as long as a key on Midi keyboard, attached via the master module, is held down.
  • 1 (x2) - Envisaged as the main clock out, the clock division is set in the menu.
  • 2 (x2) - With 2 sockets, 2 is envisaged as the next most used output. The clock division is set in the menu.
  • 3 to 6 inclusive - Each is a separate clock out that can be individually set to what clock division in the menu.


  • TEMPO (Encoder) - press and hold to access the menu, and adjust parmeters. Otherwise can be used to alter the tempo of the master clock.
  • START/STOP (button) - controls the master clock.
  • TAP (button) - this can set the desired tempo by repeated quick presses, (taps); useful for matching to non-midi music.


  • 1 to 6 inclusive - these leds pulse in time of the relevant clock signal being output.

The main OLED display shows the temp on normal operation, and also displays the menu parameters when the Tempo knob is held down.


  • Power Consumption: 7mA
  • Module width: 1U

The HEARTBEAT EXTENDER expands the functionality of the HEARTBEAT module. It is connected to the HEARTBEAT module with a small ribbon cable (included) and offers following features:

    six preset buttons to store and recall different tempos with one button press
    MIDI in and out sockets with LED indicators: The HEARTBEAT module can follow incoming MIDI timing data (MIDI start/stop/clock) as an additional option; and the current tempo of the HEARTBEAT is sent out as MIDI timing data if it acts as master clock in a complete system - other MIDI devices will follow it's tempo.
    a knob that controls either the swing amount or the transition time when changing from one preset to another (known as accelerando/ritardando).
    a lock switch, that disable the save button and other functions that could be an issue e.g. in live situations.