Tangible Waves - MM-DIVIDER

Tangible Waves - MM-DIVIDER

  • $35.00

A multi-mode divider for clock and audio signals.

It can be used either for dividing clock signals (e.g. from an LFO, BEATDIVIDER) for rhythmical purposes but also for audio signals - in this case you get subharmonics / lower octaves squarewaves at the outputs, which can be mixed or used separately.

The module has eight outputs which - depending on the selected division mode - provide different division factors of the input signal:

  • Beat: musical/rhythmical clocks are generated as 1/1, 1/2, 1/4... 1/16 and triplets
  • Binary: the outputs work as binary counter (same as the predecessor module DIVIDER)
  • Decimal: The outputs have decimal divisions of the input, meaning half, third, quarter, fifth... of the input clock
  • Prime: The outputs use the prime numbers as division factors
  • Fibonacci: The outputs use the numbers of the fibonacci row as division factors

The reset input resets all output signals; in case of audio signals this can get quite unique, ringmodulator-like sounds.

The Shift knob shifts/rotates the outputs; usually, the fastest output is on output 1, but with shift the entire output pattern is shifted so the fastest output can be set to any position 1...8.