Tangible Waves - SAWVOX

Tangible Waves - SAWVOX

  • $45.00

The SAWVOX module is a “complete” synth voice with two sawtooth oscillators, a filter and a VCA, all realized digitally with a tiny 8-bit microcontroller. The oscillators are detuned by a fixed rate to get a fatter sound, and can be switched to a single oscillator. Of course, due to the limited resources of the processor, the sound has the typical 8-bit lofi char, but the CV tracking is quite fine, and it can find its place in a lot of patches. All parameters can be CV controlled, eg. filter frequency and resonance.

The module is based on a simple 8-bit microcontroller and an adapted design of Jan Ostman.

Module power consumption: 30 mA


  • CV1 - CV frequency control
  • CV2 - additional frequency control which is added to CV1
  • FLT CV - filter cutoff frequency control
  • RES CV - filter resonance control
  • AMP CV - VCA amplitude control


  • OUT - audio output signal
  • MULT - multiple disconnected from module circuitry
  • B.CV - CV signal from MIDI bus
  • B.CTRL - MIDI CTRL signal from the bus


  • PITCH (pot) - select the base frequency of the oscillator
  • FILTER (pot) - select the cutoff frequency of the built-in filter
  • RESONANCE (pot) - select the resonance of the filter
  • OSCILLATORS (switch) - select 1 or 2 oscillators. If 2 is selected the second oscillator is detuned to the first one at a fixed rate.
  • +2 OCT (switch) - if set to the top position the frequency is shifted up 2 octaves