Tangible Waves - SEQ8

Tangible Waves - SEQ8

  • $55.00

The SEQ8 is an 8-step sequencer for controlling oscillator pitch and triggering envelopes.

Compared to "classic" analog sequencers it works a bit different: Instead of setting the CV for each step independently (which means in fact "tuning" each step which can be a bit tedious), the SEQ8 has 4 knobs for presetting different CV's (= notes); each of the 8 step knobs selects one of these CVs, plus 0V (=base note) plus Pause (no trigger output). So some CVs have to be fine-tuned once; with the step knobs you can focus entirely on the sequence itself and you can even modify it on the fly, still remaining in tune.

Additionally to the selected CV presets, the "raw" value of the step knobs is also accessible at an extra output.

Module power consumption: 7 mA