Tangible Waves - SLEW/EDGE

Tangible Waves - SLEW/EDGE

  • $38.00

A slew limiter / edge detector for CV's

The SLEW/EDGE module has two purposes:

First, it is a slew limiter, changes in the incoming CV are softened with a variable slew time. If the CV is used e.g. for controlling an oscillator, you get a portamento. With two switches it can be controlled if only rising or falling CVs or CV change in both directions are processed with the slew time. Additionally, the choice if rising and/or falling CVs are "slewed" can be controlled with external gate signals.

The second purpose of the module is an edge detector that indicates if the incoming CV is rising or falling; this information is available as different outputs (one that is high on rising and low on falling input, and short pulses on rise / fall / any change.