Tangible Waves - uCASE

Tangible Waves - uCASE

  • $114.99

The uCASE is designed to hold AE micro modules of 1/3 size. It is available in the same widths like the other AE cases (12, 16, 20 units). It contains sockets for uModules over the whole width, so no need for extra carriers for the uModules. The uModules can be plugged in and removed easily, even with the AE system running, so you can reconfigure or add needed functions in form of micro modules "on the fly".

The bus connection to the parent case is made with a short ribbon cable, so the uCASE gets it's power supply plus other bus lines from there.

The functionality is basically the same as the uBASE module; here, to groups of four uModules the bus lines lie CV, GATE, MIDI clock etc. can be assigned individually (not used by the currently available uModules, but will become relevant for future uModules).

Included is a small "key" to lift also modules without knobs in an easy way.