Tangible Waves - VCO

Tangible Waves - VCO

  • $40.00

The VCO module is a "classic" VCO:
  • two CV inputs 1V/octave
  • MODulation input with Level-knob, switchable to frequency or pulsewidth
  • PWM input
  • Coarse / Fine knob for frequency
  • Pulsewidth knob for squarewave
  • Square / Triangle / Sawtooth output

This is best if you need an oscillator for primary musical / melodic use.​

The voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is a typical analog audio oscillator with 1V/Oct pitch tracking for musical purposes. VCOs are one of the most basic audio sources in a synthesizer. Their sound is usually further shaped and refined by filters, wavefolders, voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCAs) and other audio effects.


  • CV1 - control voltage input for pitch frequency (1V/Oct)
  • CV2 - another control voltage input for pitch frequency (1V/Oct)
  • MOD - control voltage input for modulating either frequency or the square wave's pulse width
  • PW - dedicated pulse width modulation control voltage input
  • SYNC - resets the waveform when a trigger signal is received


  • 2x RAMP - ramp/sawtooth wave output
  • 2x TRI - triangle wave output, quieter than the other outputs so it might need amplification via the 2SIGNALAMP module for example
  • 2x SQUARE - square wave output
  • BUS CV - pitch control voltage form the MASTER I/O module's MIDI-CV converter


  • MOD DEPTH Potentiometer - attenuator for the MOD input control voltage
  • MOD DEPTH Switch - switches the MOD control voltage target between frequency and pulse width
  • COARSE - coarse tuning of the VCO frequency
  • FINE - fine tuning of the VCO frequency
  • PULSEWIDTH - manual control over the square wave's pulse width, control voltage modulation is added to this potentiometer setting