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TINRS - NextTuesday (Procedural Sequencer)

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CARPE TUESDAY Tuesday the procedural sequencer was our very first TiNRS module. Now we bring you our next Tuesday.NextTuesday is... Read more Read more

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      Tuesday the procedural sequencer was our very first TiNRS module. Now we bring you our next Tuesday.
      NextTuesday is still creating melodies based on several algorithms and your input. We extended this Tuesday with a ROOT knob, we added more algorithms and we changed the LEDs.

      The orginal Tuesday came around with live performance in mind. You can be noodling line over line and always return to the melody you make with NextTuesday. You can sync NextTuesday  –  full on or in division – with an external clock source up to 24 PPQN or set the beat manually between 20 and 240 bpm.


      NextTuesday shapes melodies based on mathematical procedures better known as algorithms. We dove into music and came up with a number of ideas of how notes could be held in sequence. We now have 14 of them and a test pattern. The knobs and inputs give you hands-on control over various parameters, the dynamics of probability and timing. You design the sound while the melody continues.

      The X and Y knobs let you tweak the parameters of every algorithm, changing the dimensions of the melody and giving you a vast mathematical space to play with.

      You can change these pleasant arrangements of notes. You might modulate a range of octaves or the relative distance between the occurrence of notes, you can build melody decorations or walks and riffs that keep going. And this modulation might all change again when you select a different algorithm.

      You have the controls

      TEMPO knob – letting you set the pace

      ROOT input and knob – letting you set a root note for the melody

      X and Y inputs and knobs – set up something interesting and different for every algorithm

      ! input and knob – determine the probability of notes happening

      ALGO button and leds – select and algorithm

      SCALE button and leds – select a musical scale

      BEATS button and leds – select the number of beats in a loop

      TICKS button and leds – select the number of ticks in a beat

      CLOCK and RESET inputs – signal when stuff happens and happens again

      and you get outputs for CLOCK OUT, TICK, BEAT, LOOP, ACCENT, GATE to be getting along with.


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