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TipTop Audio - Buchla 292t Quad Lopass Gate

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PRODUCT DETAILS TIPTOP AUDIO BUCHLA 292T Bringing the classic sound of Buchla bongos to your Eurorack system comes Tiptop Audio's Buchla... Read more Read more

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      Bringing the classic sound of Buchla bongos to your Eurorack system comes Tiptop Audio's Buchla series Model 292t Quad Lopass Gate, a faithful recreation of the classic LPG. In this revival of 200 series modules in a Eurorack format, Tiptop chose to reference the classic 292C out of the many 292 models that came out over the years. The 292t iteration features the same four channels that can be independently controlled with independent mode switching, making it an ultimate tool for creating a variety of smooth sounding basses, percussion, and so much more. This certain timbre is traditionally achieved via the use of vactrols, giving off this quite natural quality found in a multitude of applications electronically and acoustically.

      Featuring full Eurorack functionality in the form of 3.5mm minijacks, easily mix up to four sounds out their individual outputs or through a summed output to act as a mixdown. The four channels each can run in one of three modes, acting as either a low pass filter with a variable cutoff, a VCA with controllable gain, or even a combination of both to create Buchla's famous low pass gate effect for create even and smooth transitions in timbre and amplitude over time. This process is to replicate how real world instruments and sound decay over time, and the individual CV inputs allow you to shape your timbres in any way you'd like—be it transient and short or swelling and long.

      For adding a wonderful timbre-shaping tool rooted in one of Buchla's famous series of modules, grab a Buchla Model 292t Quad Lopass Gate for your modular rack.


      • Quad low pass gate module
      • Eurorack revival of Buchla's 292C
      • Four independently controlled signals (A, B, C, D)
      • Each channel has a signal input, a CV input, and a signal output
      • Additional "all" output for summed signal
      • Each channel can act in one of three modes:
        • lopass - acts as a lowpass filter
        • gate - acts as a typical VCA
        • combo - combines the other two to form the classic Buchla low pass gate
      • Attenuators per channel to control CV bias or general gain

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