Zerosum Inertia - 6AS6 Signal Combiner

Zerosum Inertia - 6AS6 Signal Combiner

  • $365.00


Takes two audio signals and combines them and sums them together with a 6AS6 vacuum tube.  The 6AS6 is a dual control control pentode. There are 2 grids that can process audio signals then sum them together for a unique tube mixer with ringmodlike similarities.

 Clean low noise smooth signal processing designed for the purpose of combining 2 VCO’s together with some character but won’t completely wreck your signal.



35mm depth

power draw: 450mA +12 on first power up for tube heater,

then down to 175 mA +12 and 30 mA -12.


Reverse power protection diodes

-12 on bottom of power header and labeled on board

Designed and made in USA

Socketed IC’s

Engraved faceplate

Switchcraft jacks

All analog signal processing done with 6AS6 vacuum tube and silicon diode clipping