Zerosum Inertia - Cenotaph

  • $450.00


The Cenotaph is device meant for processing modular level audio signals.

Line level or guitar level signals will work but need to be fed into a signal amplifier to get signal to modular levels before entering Cenotaph.

If low level signals are used the results will sound like a bit crusher and be less stable and predictable which sometimes sounds cool,

but overall it is recommended to stick with modular level signals like VCO waveforms straight out of the VCO.

The audio signal is fed into two 6CB6 pentodes then into a 4046 PLL and 4013 Divider.

Switchcraft 1/4” jacks and NOS military surplus tubes used.

Hand wired and through hole assembly, PCB manufacturing, enclosure drilling and metal work all done in USA.

For most stable results the left knob should be full clockwise/pointing to the right when third/right switch is in UP position. If center switch is in UP position then it doesn’t matter where left knob position is.

It is recommended to start with all 3 knobs in full clockwise position and all switches down.


Left knob controlls PLL level.

Left switch controls PLL behavior mode.

Center knob controls PLL frequency.

Center switch routes PLL INTO divider when up,

PLL and Divider are in parallel when center switch is down.

Right knob controls divider level.

Right switch selects divide down by 4 when down, divide by 2 when up.


Only use 12V DC Center positive + power source providing at least 1500 mA.

Use the power source that comes with Cenotaph.

Don’t sell the Cenotaph without including the power supply.

Don’t lose the power supply.